Street Photographer specialising in street photography and documentation of Eastern Europe. Photographs of lost, progress, traces, street observations, tikėjimas, paldiski, abandoned chairs, accidental art, cables, hand job, for.your.information, chairs, excess, from the tracks, missing, pipes, hand signals, accidental art, Berlin, Paldiski, Visaginas, Marzahn, Obscured Objects, Found Chairs, Street Chairs, Beach Photos, Hungary, Budapest, Szentendre, Miskolk, Estona, Narva, Parnu, Tallin, Tartu, Latvia, Jelgava, Riga, Sigulda, Ventspils, Lithuania, Druskininkai, Sialiai, Trakai, Villnius, Visaginas, Bosnia, Mostar, Sarajevo, Croatia, Dubrovnik, Karlovac, Rijeka, Split, Varazdin, Zagred, Slovenia, Bled, Divaca, Izola, Koper, Kranj, Ljubljana, Piran, Radovljica, Poland, Bialystock, Gdansk, Ilawa, Kozalin, Leba, Lebork, Lodz, Poznan, Torun, Warsaw, Wroclaw

some tell us that we are living in an ever bigger "nanny state" where citizens are bombarded with ever more public information notices, usually for their own safety. however it is also undoubtedly true that citizens also often feel the need to express themselves in a similar way within the public domain.

this project aims to share a few of the more questionable official notices along with many more that citizens have felt the need to create themselves.

years: 2000 to 2010
location: central & eastern europe, eastern asia
format: digital, 35mm & medium format (6x45)


no more nazis <- exactly right - peace

i love my wife!

rap forever

united colours of budapest

no laws

no parking - polite notice

the revolution is a fake

brain washed

this handle is disinfected 4 times a day

GAMZE - i love you

family courts discriminate against men and fathers (who disown their child's sperm)

skinheads ruined this wall

beware of sharp corner

nothing sold!

stop the crimilazation of global resistance

this how the world ends - have a nice apocalyps
george walker bush

end london rule

strong wind caused by trains

this spot is not a rest stop. it is not free to sit and rest. thank you.

fuck greece

i like you!

don't even think of parking here

resistance is never futile

flying saucers have landed

CAUTION - do not move wooden board... dragons cave!

don't urinate! danger of scratching the bottom
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