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20th September 2014 - new collage album online - alternate angles
i'm happy to announce a new album alternate angles' !

17th September 2014 - september madness
there are a lot of new photos in my 'terra firma' album, please have a look!

13th September 2014 - two updates in two days
i've added a new album, 'remnants'.

12th September 2014 - end of summer updates
there are a lot of new photos in my 'traces', 'akin', 'above' and 'street observations 2010-2013' albums, please have a look!

24th July 2013 - the end is not nigh
i have just updated the 'the end' with images recently shot.

15th July 2013 - new summer albums
hello all, i have just added 2 new albums for summer, as part of a series of projects of more abstracted work - 'layers' and 'akin'.

21st May 2013 - merry england to you!
there is a new collection of photos entitled 'merry england' available to view.

18th May 2013 - new traces discovered
i've re-organised the 'traces' and 'the end' albums, adding a lot of new photos. please have a look!

16th May 2013 - new street observations
ive got so many street observations that you can now view these in two albums, here 'street observations 2006-2009' and here 'street observations 2010-2013'.

10th May 2013 - progress updated
i have just updated the 'progress' album. please take a look if you have a minute spare!

12th April 2013 - above updated
i have just updated the 'above' album.

10th April 2013 - traces & terra firma updated
i have just updated the 'traces' and 'terra firma' albums.

7th January 2013 - the end updated
happy new year to you all! i have just updated 'the end' album with a lot of new photos, so please check it out if you have a second!

14th December 2012 - terra firma added!
i have just added a new album of ongoing street studies - 'terra firma'.

3rd December 2012 - the end updated
i have just updated 'the end' album.

10th May 2012 - new album the end
i have added a new album of ends, titled appropriately 'the end'. i've also updated traces and hand signals.

3rd May 2012 - new street art
ive just updated the street art album with more images, please have a look!

23rd March 2012 - looking above
as we enter spring i thought it was fitting to add something new, hence the 'above' collection.

23rd January 2012 - albums updated for 2012
i have now updated the lost, traces and progress albums for 2012. many of my projects are on-going so please come back to visit from time to time.

19th January 2012 - traces of places
i have now pubished a new album of photos, entitled 'traces' on the website.

i have also added an archive area to the website so i can better present more albums at once.

16th December 2011 - playing with books
over the last few months i've been mulling over the idea of book concepts for some of my photos and have made some proofs... sign up to my mailing list if you want to know if i produce them in the near future!

8th August 2011 - new albums added
ive now added the albums from the tracks and missing.

6th August 2011 - new website launched
today this website was launched. i hope you enjoy looking around and if you want to keep in touch with future updates please go to the contact page.

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